Investigation Launched into Cause of Massive Charlestown Fire

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Investigation launched into 6-alarm fire

Boston, MA -- An investigation is underway to determine the cause of a six-alarm fire Thursday that destroyed several apartments.

Jen Martin, was delivering Amazon packages when the fire broke out.

"I saw the house on fire." she said.  "I just started ringing doorbells to get everybody out."

Luckily, no residents were injured in the fire.  One firefighter was treated and transported to the hospital.

More than 100 firefighters responded to the fire.  It is believed to have started in the rear of the building.  "It's a multi-million dollar loss at this point.  I would gauge in the $5 million range or better," said Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn.

The initial call was received at 1:45pm.  When firefighters arrived, they raised the fire to a second alarm.  Around 3pm, the fire was raised to 6 alarms.

The fire spread to a neighboring building.  Embers then floated to another property and caught that one on fire as well.

There is no report of fire sprinklers in the building.

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