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Electrical equipment demands unique solutions to address hazards that are inherent to specific applications. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has the expertise that is necessary to quickly and efficiently implement the appropriate fire protection system to minimize potential impact to plant performance.

electrical equipment, transformer fire protection

Electrical Equipment Areas - Understanding the Nuances of Detection

Every facility has distinct areas and equipment that require specialized fire detection systems. F.E. Moran has solutions for every type of complex environment:

  • Early fire detection - provides sufficient warning in switchgear areas
  • Resilient detection systems - withstanding corrosive environments such as battery rooms
  • Solutions that interface with the plant's DCS - high grade detection systems, heat smoke video, air sampling and venting
  • Emergency transformer system replacement - F.E. Moran's experience allows them to implement a new system quickly and efficiently; whether it is a direct replacement or a new design, they can seamlessly install these systems for minimal interruption to the facility


Transformers - Applying Our Expertise to Protect Volatile Transformers

Transformers demand a specialized fire suppression solution to control fires safely within high-voltage areas. Through experience, F.E. Moran knows how to address relevant issues:

  • Adherence to industry guidelines - NFPA 15 Standard for Water Spray Fixed Systems, Basic Impulse Level (BIL) guidelines for voltage
  • Strategies for associated issues - oil containment, overflow and grounding issues
  • Experience with detection systems - intimate knowledge of all types of heat detection systems


Control and Computer Rooms - Safeguarding Fragile Equipment

Employing a fire protection system within computer and control rooms necessitates a solution that can effectively suppress fires without damaging fragile equipment.

  • Life safety systems - safeguarding spaces that are inhabited around the clock
  • Cable access areas - protecting the cable access areas that reside in the subfloor
  • Customized systems - implementing preaction, gas dual-zone and other appropriate systems to meet the facility's specific needs


Cable Vaults and Cable Spreading Areas - Specialized Solutions

Fires that originate in cable vaults or cable spreading areas are typically smoldering, deep-seated fires that are difficult to access. 

  • Installation in complex environments - F.E. Moran can work around these intricate configurations and penetrations
  • Robust protection systems - implementing a quality detection system, powerful sprinkler system and multiple levels of coverage