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F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems is an industry expert in designing, fabricating and installing fire protection systems in coal handling facilities. Over the past five decades, F.E. Moran has amassed a great deal of experience implementing fire suppression and detection systems in every facet of coal-fueled plants, their expertise and knowledge allows them to implement systems in even the most challenging environments.

PRB Coal - Protecting Plants from the Volatile Fires That are Common with PRB Coal

  • Reliable suppression - fires are a ongoing concern in PRB coal areas where dust quickly accumulates, making it critical that a dependable suppression system is always ready to operate at peak performance
  • Spontaneous combustion monitoring - PRB coal high risk of spontaneous combustion makes it necessary to employ effective detection systems such as CO monitors, infrared scanning or temperature scanning
  • Experienced designers and installers - F.E. Moran has a wealth of experience implementing systems in PRB coal applications and understands the elevated risks associated with this volatile fuel
  • All-encompassing suppression systems - to reach the seat of a PRB coal fire, each hazard area must be protected by a strategically designed suppression system especially those associated with bunkers and silos

Coal Handling Structures - Protection for Every Component of Coal Handling

  • Systems for every structure - F.E. Moran's experience includes fire protection for any configuration of structures related to coal handling, such as: 

- Transfer towers                
- Rotary car dump and other unloading buildings
- Crusher houses                
- Barge unloaders
- Rotary plow reclaims and stackout reclaims         
- Feeders    
- Tripper and in-plant silos

  • Large scale fire protection - coal handling applications include extremely long equipment with moving components as well as remote areas that are often unmanned; F.E. Moran can provide systems that cover vast acreage
  • Implementing the right detection scheme - in coal handling areas it is critical to have effective detection that annunciates to the main panel, Protectowire, heat detection and pilot heads must be implemented correctly to form a comprehensive detection system

Conveyors - Implementing Fire Protection Systems in Complex Environments

  • Protection for every type of equipment - F.E. Moran can design a system that will sufficiently protect any type of equipment, including: gallery, hooded, drag, air glide, paddle or bulkhead conveyors; the head end and tail end of pulleys; and discharge chutes
  • Design and installation around obstructions - the area around conveyors are typically confined areas riddled with obstructions such as handrails and other pipe, F.E. Moran can design and install systems within these challenging areas while maintaining sufficient maintenance access for this equipment
  • Meeting water supply demands - suppression systems for conveyors in coal handling areas can require a massive amounts of water; F.E. Moran can design systems that optimize the available water supply while meeting coverage requirements

Trippers - Flexible Systems for Any Configuration

  • Innovative design - the intricate construction of trippers means that systems must be designed with flexibility for effective protection
  • Complex installation - the moving parts on trippers and the work at high plant elevations requires skilled installers to perform the installation work and a well designed system to address the hydraulic demands of these protection systems

Silos and Bunkers - Specialized Fire Protection and Detection for Extreme Applications

  • Specialized protection systems - F.E. Moran knows when to employ a specialized system such as F-500 suppression for these areas of the plant and how to install the extensive piping and supply systems to support CO2 inerting systems
  • Strategic design to effectively suppress fires - special spray nozzles are used to suppress fires in inaccessible locations and piercing rods are strategically placed to directly attack fires for the most efficient suppression
  • Thorough detection systems - a comprehensive detection system can be achieved through the use of technology such as CO monitoring and IR scanning to identify potential problem areas
  • Overcoming accessibility challenges - silos and bunkers pose accessibility challenges and require systems at great heights; F.E. Moran can navigate any complex environment when installing fire protection systems