Building Automation Systems & Integrations:  3 Reasons to Choose the Computrols/Moran Mechanical Services Partnership

building automation systems

Do you have a building automation system that is at the end of its warranty?  Have you been quoted $10k or more to replace it?  Unfortunately, that is a typical situation.  In fact, many of the most popular building automation software made by Siemens, Johnson Controls, and Schneider Electric Systems is made with a plan for it to be obsolete at some point.  They just stop supporting it.  There are no parts available.  No way to service it.  Your only choice is to spend tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade.


Or is it?


What if you were told that there is only ONE company that doesn’t do that?  For the entire life of the system, it is supported.  The parts are in stock.  You can always find a person to service it.


It’s true.  

American Made, Lifetime Warranty Building Automation System


F.E. Moran Mechanical Services is the proud Building Automation System (BAS) partner of Computrols, an American made, lifetime warranty company.  F.E. Moran Mechanical Services installs and services Computrols software, Controllers, Computers, Enclosures, End Devices, and Integration Interfaces.  With F.E. Moran Mechanical Services HVAC experience and Computrols high-quality Building Automation Systems, commercial properties know they are getting the best possible solution.


Why choose Computrols and Moran Mechanical Services?

1.  TOTAL PACKAGE:  Facilities are getting a total package solution.  

Computrols Building Automation Systems are custom solutions for your building.  Add in HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, Fire Alarms, and Access Control.  By utilizing this system to its full potential, properties can reduce their carbon footprint, energy consumption, provide occupant comfort, and have a healthier building overall.

2.  HIGH-QUALITY:  Lifetime Warranty, Factory Certified, American-made

Computrols building automation system is from a single source and backed by a factory certified Computrols Dealer Network.  They have the ONLY lifetime warranty in the industry.  In addition, the system is 100% designed, manufactured, and quality control tested in the United States of America.    

3.  SMART:  Get smarter about your energy usage with reports.

Control your HVAC, electricity, security, and other systems in one place and get reporting on their usage.  

  • This will enable you to control comfort levels from anywhere
  • Change energy consumption based on reports to reduce energy bills
  • Control security from a single command center with other building systems.
  • Control heating and air conditioning from a single source.

While many competitors have planned obsolescence, Computrols will support many legacy products of their competitor’s after they stop servicing them.  Computrols integration provides an alternative solution to Johnson Controls, Siemens, and Schneider Electric Systems’ obsolete products.


What is included in the Computrols Workstation?

  • Computrols (CBAS) software - comes equipped with an Internet protocol (TCP/IP) that can be used for controlling your system from anywhere in the world. TCP/IP also allows for networking multiple workstations so facilities can access their portal from anywhere and download graphics, schedules, logs, perform alarm management, collect historical trend data, and coordinate event and equipment scheduling.
  • Computrols CBAS-Mobile -  is fully encrypted and allows you to monitor alarms, viewpoint statuses, and command binary, supervised, and analog outputs.
  • Control energy costs - with the integrated quality control system, facilities can manage their energy consumption and maintain optimal comfort for building occupants.
  • Simplify energy management - with a simple control portal, Computrols allows users to save time and effort by managing everything from one source.