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The extreme conditions that exist in boiler buildings require robust fire protection solutions that are flexible and effective. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems is intimately familiar with the related hazards and obstacles that are commonplace in boiler buildings and has solutions designed specifically for these environments.

Air Preheaters - Developing Detection and Protection Schemes for Extreme Conditions

  • Suppression for high temperatures - fires originating in air preheater areas are extremely high-temperature and require a large water flow; F.E. Moran knows the best way to implement a system that will suppress these types of fires
  • Installation in congested spaces - F.E. Moran can install effective fire protection systems within the confined areas in which air preheaters typically reside
  • Welded pipe for reliable systems - the use of welded pipe in systems protecting air preheaters helps ensure that the system will function reliably in the event of a fire
  • Specialized detection - temperature sensors in inlet and outlet ducts and specialized detection systems provide operators with the time they need to isolate air preheater fires and activate the suppression system

Burner Fronts - Solutions for Unique Fire Protection Challenges 

  • Protection for oil-related threats - F.E. Moran has the expertise to protect fuel oil burners and igniters and adjacent fuel oil piping as well as dealing with oil spills and areas where oil can collect
  • Multiple levels of protection - these high-risk areas often require a multi-faceted fire suppression system with multiple layers of protection and strategic nozzle locations
  • Accessible system design - systems are designed with consideration for easy access for future maintenance work

Forced Draft & Induced Draft Fans - Specialized Detection and Protection 

  • System flexibility - detection and suppression systems can be designed and installed for the wide variety of configurations that are seen with FD/ID fans
  • Protection for combustible oil hazards - F.E. Moran can implement the best system to protect plants from high-risk combustible oil hazards
  • Reducing unplanned discharge - implementing dependable systems means greatly reducing the incidence of accidental discharge on the bearing points and hot turbine parts of steam-driven pumps

Pulverizers - Providing Ample Protection for Volatile Environments

  • Resilient detection systems - implementing detection systems that can withstand the harsh conditions of pulverizer areas
  • Area and equipment specific suppression systems - providing fire suppression and systems that are designed specifically for equipment such as pulverized fuel bins and inlet feeders
  • Employing the appropriate detection system - it takes experience to identify the most suitable detection system for each area of the plant, F.E. Moran knows the best solution for pulverizer areas and implements systems such as carbon monoxide detection for early warning

Boiler Feed Pumps - Versatile Systems for Every Type of Pump

  • Maintenance access - it can be difficult to access fire protection systems in the confined areas that house boiler feed pumps, F.E. Moran designs and installs systems in a way that allows them to be accessible
  • Protection for pump-specific enclosures - providing the right solution for varying types of boiler feed pumps
  • Detection for any configuration - F.E. Moran can implement an effective detection system for any configuration in a boiler feed pump area, regardless of its complexity.