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The equipment associated with air quality systems and FGD Areas demand highly specialized fire protection solutions that mitigate risks specific to their individual hazards. Factors such as lube oil, high-voltage transformers and limestone handling all require unique solutions that F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has the knowledge and experience to implement.

Air Quality Systems and Buildings - Specialized Protection for Specialized Equipment

  • Limestone preparation buildings - the many components of limestone and gypsum-handling systems require cost effective suppression and detection systems that are designed for hazards specific to their environment
  • CEM's, absorber buildings and oxidation blower buildings - F.E. Moran knows how to design and install an effective system for the specific environments of CEM's, absorber buildings and oxidation blower buildings, including the correct implementation of standpipes
  • Precipitator transformer protection - employing fire protection systems that are appropriate for these high-voltage systems found in air quality areas
  • Ball mills - the lube oil used in ball mills creates a unique fire hazard that must be addressed with strategic suppression and detection systems

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Areas - Coverage for Every Aspect of FGD

  • Solutions for FGD areas - F.E. Moran's experience allows them to implement cost effective solutions for specific equipment, such as oxidation blowers, ID fans, scrubbers, baghouses and other FGD equipment
  • Meeting specific requirements - installing systems that meet the distinctive needs of FGD areas such as high water requirements and specialized protection for limestone and gypsum dewatering areas
  • Customized design - F.E. Moran designs systems individually, to work within the obstacles and maintenance requirements of each particular FGD area