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Large and Small Bore Black Pipe Fabrication

F.E. Moran has in-house large and small bore pipe fabrication. With in-house fabrication, therePipe Fabrication will never be an issue of another project taking priority with a fabrication contractor. Pre-fabrication also improves safety conditions because most fabrication takes place off-site, in controlled conditions.

Facilities Save Time and Money - Facilities are able to continue production while F.E. Moran fabricates large and small bore black pipe off-site. With a streamlined pre-fabrication process, the project timeline is reduced, saving facilities both time and money.
Customization is Simple - every facility has different needs with unique environments. With off-site pre-fabrication, meeting these needs is easy. Fabricators have the tools and space available to efficiently customize pipes for any facility's needs.
Safe Fabrication Choice - off-site fabrication decreases job site congestion, reducing the chances of having a job site accident.

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