Missing Construction Worker's Body Recovered

Posted: 12/15/2015

Missing Construction Worker's Body Recovered | The Moran Group

Houston, TX -- The body of a missing construction worker was recovered after an excavator toppled into 12 feet of water.

Marine divers searched a trench under construction when a backhoe toppled over into twelve feet of water.  The rescue effort morphed into a recovery mission as time went on.

Mud underneath the heavy excavator gave way and the machine slipped into the water.  Helicopter footage showed only the arm of the backhoe above the water.  Another worker saw the accident happen and tried to help.

"In further talking to him, they said they were sure someone was inside the cab when it went down but was not wearing a seat belt and could not be found," said Chief Michael Grove.

The Marine dive team recovered the worker's body.

The accident is under investigation.  See the complete story here. 

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