HVAC Design Services

F.E. Moran employs a staff of LEED AP Professionals and Registered Professional Engineers designers. Each project has a dedicated designer who works closely with the project manager to design system solutions custom to the facility's environment. 3-D AutoCad technology provides designers the ability to design around obstructions and create a space efficient system that meets the facility's needs.

  • Designing in Complex Environments - designers are experienced in designing systems around obstructions and in complicated refurbishment projects. With the use of 3D capable AutoCAD, designers have the ability to easily design around hindrances.
  • Working with Facility's Tight Timeframes - F.E. Moran understands the needs of their key industries. Tight timeframes are in the nature of the work. They have over forty years of experience streamlining the design process to meet the needs of their clients.
  • Expertise in Industry Standards - designs are developed in compliance with industry standards with the ability to customize to meet individual needs.
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