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Home is a safe haven for most. However, lingering in the home may be mold from faulty HVACResidential or plumbing systems. If an HVAC system is too large, it can produce insufficient dehumidification, promoting mold growth. Additionally, poorly maintained HVAC systems can hold mold in the duct lining, bacteria on coils and filters, and the system will spread these pollutants throughout the home through the ducts.

If the home has hidden leaky plumbing, mold can grow undetected in the walls. With only a short period of exposure, mold growth can lead to allergies. Long periods of time with mold exposure can lead to weight loss, chronic bronchitis, joint and muscle pain, and neurological disorders.

In 2011, 19.5 million U.S. citizens got sick from bacteria, viruses, and parasites from drinking water. F.E. Moran, Plumbing has four decades of experience providing water filtration solutions, preventing illness.

It is vital to choose an HVAC or plumbing provider who has experience in providing healthy systems and maintenance solutions. With proper maintenance, systems will work more efficiently and ensure a hygienic environment. Not only will your family be healthier, but the energy and water savings from efficient systems will prove that new HVAC and plumbing systems are an investment that gives back.

Clean, Professional Staff - residents can feel secure in knowing the HVAC installers or plumbers visiting their home will be professional, courteous, and clean. Plumbers wear mandated uniforms and booties to keep homes clean. A thorough background check and interview are completed before hiring any and all staff.
Energy savings - HVAC systems are designed efficiently, providing cost savings on monthly utility bills.
24/7 Emergency Service - emergencies can happen at any time. F.E. Moran HVAC and plumbing divisions provides 24/7 emergency service, to assist clients day or night.

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