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For over eighty years, The Moran Group has provided life comfort and safety services in Northbrook, IL, twenty miles outside downtown Chicago. Frank Edward Moran founded F.E. Moran in 1931 as a boiler and radiator installation service provider during the tract housing boom. Throughout the past eight decades, The Moran Group has added seven additional business units to complete the spectrum of life comfort and safety needs. The business units provide service and maintenance for mechanical systems, plumbing, fire protection systems, and security systems.

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F.E. Moran

In 1957, F.E. Moran re-opened, after closing during World War II. For the past five decades, they have been providing mechanical services in

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 Northern Illinois. They are a full-service mechanical contractor, providing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to commercial, education, healthcare, industrial/manufacturing, retail, and residential facilities. F.E. Moran ensures seamless integration of HVAC systems in both new and tenant improvement projects. F.E. Moran executes projects with dependable planning, sound design, and on-schedule delivery.

Tenant Improvement

Tenant improvement requires the ability to think quickly and adapt to the environment. To have these skills, experience is essential. F.E. Moran's tenant improvement division has been providing HVAC services for remodels since 1957. With over five decades of experience, F.E. Moran is skilled in designing HVAC systems that seamlessly join with existing systems. The team focuses on tight seams and efficient design to minimize energy costs.

Pipe Shop

To provide quality, custom pipe fabrication, Frank Edward Moran opened an in-house pipe shop in conjunction with the start of F.E. Moran. The pipe pre-fabrication enabled F.E. Moran to provide facilities cost-savings by spending less time on-site, resulting in less production interruption. Additionally, with the ability to fabricate piping in a controlled environment, it takes less time to install and provides extra safety precautions.

Sheet Metal Shop

Since 1969, F.E. Moran has been fabricating sheet metal in-house. In-house fabrication saves facilities time and money by spending less time on the job site, reducing the hindrance on production; in addition, with the ability to pre-fabricate in a controlled environment, it takes less time to install systems and results in a reduction of job site injuries.


F.E. Moran Plumbing Services has been providing unparalleled service to the residential and commercial markets on Chicago's North Shore for over forty years. The addition of the plumbing division in 1970 resulted in F.E. Moran becoming the only mechanical contractor in Illinois to provide solutions to all four mechanical trades: piping, sheet metal, sprinkler, and plumbing. Their commitment to providing the utmost in customer service has given them a reputation for excellence.

F.E. Moran, Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services has been providing maintenance and repair services for over twenty years in Northern Illinois. As the first UA Star certified mechanical services contractor in the country, Mechanical Services' technicians are some of the best trained in the country. Additionally, all Mechanical Services journeymen service technicians are MSCA Certified. They offer preventative maintenance programs, inspection, testing, construction, and engineering services.

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