CNN Reports CEO Expects Construction Boom With Trump

Posted: 11/15/2016

Construction Boom Expected

CNN reports that concrete CEO expects the Trump win to result in a construction boom.  Bill Sandbrook, who is the CEO of U.S. Concrete, was one of the few who expected Trump to take the presidency.  He was not part of the collective gasp and says the Trump win will help him to reach $1.2 billion in sales this year.

Sandbrook said, "There hasn't been enough political will to increase funding.  Washington needed an outsider and oversized personality to not just talk about infrastructure, but to get it funded and enacted.  It's not going to be a cakewalk.  But I'm optimistic."

Investors are optimistic about construction as well - see our blog post here about how construction stocks rose following the Trump win. 

Trump has proposed $1 trillion in infrastructure spending.

Read the full CNN story here. 


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