Building Automation Systems (BAS) & Integration


For efficient facility monitoring and control, F.E. Moran, Inc. Mechanical Services provides the finest control system manufactured entirely in the United States of America by Computrols. Our full range of product choices provides an array of options for all facility types.

Benefits of F.E. Moran, Inc. Mechanical Services/Computrols Partnership:

Official Computrols Dealer - F.E. Moran, Inc. Mechanical Services offers a full line of Computrols Software, Controllers, Computers, Enclosures, End Devices, and Integration Interfaces with high reliability, long life, and precise control.

Facilities get a total package solution - HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, Fire Alarm, and Access Control. Our Building Automation Systems are custom designed to meet your building's needs not only for today, but for the future growth of your BAS requirements.  These solutions when properly implemented reduce the carbon footprint of a building, provide occupant comfort, and provides for a healthier working environment.

Complete building control system - Computrols control components are from a single source backed by a strong factory-certified Computrols Dealer Network. In addition, the Computrols offers the industry's only lifetime warranty on everything that Computrols manufacture and the product is 100% designed, manufactured, and quality control tested in the United States of America.

Integration - control the comfort levels, supervise the energy consumption, and manage data between different protocol devices. Computrols is able to support many of our competitor's legacy or obsolete systems that they no longer support. Planned obsolescence is built into many of our competitors' solutions and at that point, the product is no longer supported or manufactured. Customers are forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade their BAS system. We offer an alternative solution that will last a lifetime. Computrols integration platforms provide alternative solutions to Johnson Controls, Siemens, and Schneider Electric systems to name a few.

Computrols building automation 

Computrols Workstation:

Computrols (CBAS) software - comes equipped with an Internet protocol (TCP/IP) that can be used for controlling your system from anywhere in the world. TCP/IP also allows for networking multiple workstations so facilities can access their portal from anywhere and download graphics, schedules, logs, perform alarm management, collect historical trend data, and coordinate event and equipment scheduling.

Computrols CBAS-Mobile -  is fully encrypted and allows you to monitor alarms, view point statuses, and command binary, supervised, and analog outputs.

Control energy costs - with the integrated quality control system, facilities can manage their energy consumption and maintain optimal comfort for building occupants.

Simplify energy management - with a simple control portal, Computrols allows users to save time and effort by managing everything from one source.



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