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  • Irony: Construction Shop Burns While Owner Dines with Fire Chief
    Posted: 6/19/2017
    Ferndale, WA -- A fire tore through a 10,000 square foot construction shop when the owner was out dining with the fire chief. As much of a tragedy as it is, you can't help but think of the irony.
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  • How Nets Save the Lives of Construction Workers
    Posted: 6/15/2017
    The number 1 cause of death at a construction site is falling. With the use of common playground equipment, construction workers could be much safer.
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  • Why is my air conditioner freezing up?
    Posted: 6/9/2017
    Air conditioners can freeze, and if you have found that your air conditioning system has been freezing, this is the problem and how you (or we) can fix it.
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  • Why You Need to Stop Using Drain Cleaner
    Posted: 6/7/2017
    I was reading through Quora, and ran across a question that I hear quite often: Why is a drain cleaner dangerous? We're going to answer that question for you right here.
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  • Construction Accident in Oakland Leaves 9 Workers Injured
    Posted: 5/30/2017
    Oakland, CA -- Nine workers were injured on Friday when a building partially collapsed at a construction site in Oakland. Wet concrete trapped many workers.
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  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Better, Longer
    Posted: 5/24/2017
    Is there anything more important than life comfort and life safety? Nothing can be more irritating than the HVAC dying an early death. With these five tips, you can extend the life of your air conditioning. By spending a small amount on maintenance, you can save thousands on replacing equipment earlier than necessary.
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  • New Survey Shows Construction Workers Don't Feel Safe
    Posted: 5/19/2017
    A National Safety Council recently did a study that showed that 58% of Americans working in construction felt that safety wasn't as important as productivity. In fact, they were worried that they wouldn't make it home after work.
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  • Our FEM Office Staff Learn to Weld with MCA Chicago
    Posted: 5/15/2017
    Mokena, IL -- LU597 Pipe Fitter School apprentices put on an all day class to give Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago members insight into the skill set of their welders in the field. Our team had fun welding and learning more about their trade.
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  • The Moran Group is Hiring!
    Posted: 5/12/2017
    The Moran Group is hiring in all of its divisions. Whether you are looking for a position as an administrative assistant, a CAD drafter, an inspector, or another type of position, we probably have an opening. We are growing rapidly and need you to join our team and help us continue on this upward trajectory.
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  • Spotlight on Safety: How to Read the Safety Symbols on Work Boots
    Posted: 5/8/2017
    Are you wondering what the symbols on the various types of safety footwear mean? The symbols are given by accredited laboratories and organizations which do the testing of the safety type and levels of safety provided in accordance to the requirements of a number of national as well as international standards. The testing is done for a multitude of hazards, including: slippage, toe protection, metatarsal protection, puncture resistance, electrical hazard protection, electrical conductivity, static safety, chainsaw safety and others. The suitable safety footwear and the other personal protection equipment for each profession and workplace vary depending on the possible hazards and the level of risk on the job.
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  • Data Center HVAC Timelapse Video
    Posted: 5/2/2017
    F.E. Moran recently completed a project on an Elk Grove Village data center. The data center was 131,728 square feet - massive! Check out our video timelapse of the construction of this major project.
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  • F.E. Moran Receives American Subcontractors Safety Award for 2016
    Posted: 4/28/2017
    Northbrook, IL -- F.E. Moran received notification of their win as the One Year Bronze Award on March 20, and received their award on April 19. The One Year Bronze Award is for successfully "lowering a combination of safety-related factors including [the] Experience Modification Rate (EMR), OSHA Recordables and Citations, and the DART Score."
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  • F.E. Moran Shapes the Chicago Skyline with Work on 150 North Riverside
    Posted: 4/25/2017
    Chicago, IL -- "150 North Riverside, the slop-bottomed riverfront office tower that officially opened Thursday, is the boldest, most eye-grabbing Chicago Skyscraper since Jeanne Gang's curvaceous Aqua Tower debuted in 2009," said Chicago Tribune's Blair Kamin.
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  • Construction Workers Rescued Drowning Boy
    Posted: 4/20/2017
    Renton, WA -- Three construction workers had a life changing experience when they saw a boy drowning in a nearby pond and went into action.
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  • Last Week Today: Top Construction Stories
    Posted: 4/17/2017
    Check out last weeks most talked about, interesting, or strange stories in construction.
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