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  • F.E. Moran Receives American Subcontractors Safety Award for 2016
    Posted: 4/28/2017
    Northbrook, IL -- F.E. Moran received notification of their win as the One Year Bronze Award on March 20, and received their award on April 19. The One Year Bronze Award is for successfully "lowering a combination of safety-related factors including [the] Experience Modification Rate (EMR), OSHA Recordables and Citations, and the DART Score."
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  • F.E. Moran Shapes the Chicago Skyline with Work on 150 North Riverside
    Posted: 4/25/2017
    Chicago, IL -- "150 North Riverside, the slop-bottomed riverfront office tower that officially opened Thursday, is the boldest, most eye-grabbing Chicago Skyscraper since Jeanne Gang's curvaceous Aqua Tower debuted in 2009," said Chicago Tribune's Blair Kamin.
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  • Construction Workers Rescued Drowning Boy
    Posted: 4/20/2017
    Renton, WA -- Three construction workers had a life changing experience when they saw a boy drowning in a nearby pond and went into action.
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  • Last Week Today: Top Construction Stories
    Posted: 4/17/2017
    Check out last weeks most talked about, interesting, or strange stories in construction.
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  • Streamlining Processes for the General Contractor
    Posted: 4/11/2017
    A general contractor is like a ring master at a circus. One minute you have bears riding trikes, the next you have lions jumping through hoops. All the while, it is all orchestrated perfectly. The acts coordinate flawlessly. The show ends on time. The show seems chaotic and busy to the audience, but it is running as planned. The GC coordinates the sub-contractors, getting them to work together and navigate the construction site like it was a stage.
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  • F.E. Moran wins Great Lakes Safety Award for Second Straight Year
    Posted: 4/7/2017
    Northbrook, IL - The Great Lakes Construction Association has presented F.E. Moran with a safety award for their 2016 safety statistics. They received the award to recognize their outstanding safety record in 2016 as well as the lowest lost workday ratio in their division. F.E. Moran was recognized in the Division 5 - 500,001+ hours worked category. The other categories were Division 1: 0-25,000 hours; Division 2: 25,001-50,000 hours; Division 3: 50,001-100,000; Division 4: 100,001-500,000. Those considered for the award needed to have either no lost time due to injury or illness or have the best OSHA lost time or injury in their division.
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  • Avoid the $10-20k Bill of Planned Obsolescence in Building Automation
    Posted: 4/6/2017
    Do you know about planned obsolescence in the building automation world? Yes, companies PLAN to stop supporting your system and you are forced to upgrade. But, we have a secret for you. There's a way out of that.
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  • Infographic: Construction Safety Statistics
    Posted: 4/3/2017
    Today we have a guest post from ANBU Safety. They have created an infographic showcasing construction safety statistics.
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  • 5 Facts about Indoor Air Quality
    Posted: 3/24/2017
    Indoor Air Quality isn't something we think about unless it's bad. And sometimes when it's bad, we don't realize it, but we FEEL it. How do we feel it? We feel it in our foggy head. We feel it in our tight chests. We feel it in our sniffling noses. We chock it up to just allergies, but the fact is, those allergies might be remedied by paying closer attention to your indoor air quality or IAQ. Here are five facts about IAQ that you may not have known.
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  • 3 Ways Building Automation Saves You Big Money
    Posted: 3/15/2017
    When you decide to install a building automation program, what are your goals? To control your systems from anywhere? To have a more energy efficient building? The best part about all three of these goals is they will lead to your building saving money. Here are our top three ways building automation saves you money.
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  • Helicopter Lifts in Construction + Bonus Video
    Posted: 3/10/2017
    In Chicago, helicopter lifts for construction materials are necessary. Tall buildings with endless new construction being added means cranes just won't do the trick for every project. And, that is when the helicopter comes into the picture.
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  • Positive Outlook for 2017 Construction
    Posted: 3/7/2017
    Construction Dive reported that construction executives are enthusiastic about non-residential construction activity in 2017.
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  • Construction's Future Relies on Embracing Tech
    Posted: 3/3/2017
    Kiewit Construction did an internal study looking at the top 500 construction companies from 1965, comparing them to the top 500 from 2015. They found that 450 of those companies were closed. So, that prompted some research into the 50 who are still thriving. They found five items that kept them at the top of their game. Here are the five items that kept them prospering.
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  • What Does "Buying American" Mean for Construction
    Posted: 2/28/2017
    We are all well aware that infrastructure spending is on the agenda for Trump. We also know that buying American is important to him, so, how will these two agenda items collide in construction?
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  • 3,000 Year Old Bronze Sword and Gold Spearhead Found at Construction Site
    Posted: 2/21/2017
    Scotland -- A Scotland construction site yielded a hoard of precious artifacts including a bronze sword and a gold-decorated spearhead.
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